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Legal Services


Legal services (Legal) for children accused of crime, helping victims of physical and sexual harassment and abuse. Providing research and legal assistance in the prosecution of their abusers.

PREDA was established in 1974, and ever since social workers have discovered the extent of the sexual abuse of woman and children, it has taken legal action when possible to protect the victims,  and help them achieve justice by putting their offenders and abusers behind bars. So do not be surprised if you see here the counter-charges against PREDA workers by these suspects who are under investigation or are already charged in court.

Even those who have been convicted and jailed have supporters in the nightclubs and commercial sex industry here in the Philippines and abroad. They are determined to discredit PREDA and other child rights advocates by harassing and trying to inhibit our work by threats and making false charges. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose, by counter charging and spreading black propaganda to damage and destroy our child protection efforts.

Many foreign and Filipino bar and brothel owners want to close down our center and end our legal work because they claim we have caused severe damage to the tourist industry and loss of business; they mean the exploitative sex tour business, that is. Local politicians who earn from the sex industry also want to stop our work. We ask for your open mind to study the record and support the truth and work for justice.

Media Influence

The paedophiles and their supporters influence media through some unethical journalists, who have no interest or ability to research the truth from the official records claiming they cannot get them. So we are providing access to the most pertinent parts of relevant legal documents and other authentic resources by which the truth will be known for those who wish to seek it.


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