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Probe finds ‘adverse effect’ of coal to Philippine community

September 13, 2016 ·  By



Despite such findings the government plans to build a further 23 coal-fired power plants

Investigations made by Philippine environmental groups have discovered that “dangerous pollution levels” have endangered the lives of people around a coal plant in a town south of Manila.

“The coal plant is slowly killing people, especially the children and the elderly,” said Father Teody Holgado who joined the investigation as a church observer.

The Redemptorist priest, who has been working with communities around Calaca town in Batangas province, noted a “significant rise” in cases of respiratory illnesses.

“Our province has become a kitchen for destructive and polluting power plants in the name of profit,” said community leader Peti Enriquez who participated in the investigation on behalf of his local community.

Among the initial findings of the environmental investigative mission include the observation of surrounding plant life smothered in coal ash.

A huge open-air coal stockpile exposed to winds has been seen as one of the main sources of pollution affecting surrounding ecosystems, including the adjacent coastal and marine areas.

“More than three decades of the people’s experiences compounded by the initial findings of the scientific assessment should warrant an immediate closure of the plant,” said Leon Dulce of environmental activist group Kalikasan, one of the organizations that sponsored the investigation.

Despite opposition from environment activist groups, the Philippine government plans to build 23 more coal-fired power plants to augment the nine existing plants.


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