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PREDA Volunteers at Work

 “PREDA is truly a home for best experience in one’s life” a statement quoted from one of our volunteers. PREDA has been a life experience and an international community of likeminded young people striving to make this a better world. The volunteers and those taking internship   are of different nationalities coming from different parts of the world to join the action in helping the people who are in need. Last September 11-13, 2013  fourteen volunteers and interns at PREDA  went to the organized group  of indigenous people known as  Aeta, a community in Botolan, Zambales for their immersion and to help in the construction of the concrete houses for Aeta families who are victims of typhoons and the  destruction of the village by  floods.

All of them worked with enthusiasm and dedication and experienced life in a remote village without electricity .The stayed in the Preda built community center and simple guest accommodation. They were immersed in the beautiful natural environment and planted trees on the hillsides. The community is being developed by the people as an eco-village with the help of PREDA and funding from the Irish agency Trocaire and other supporters.

PREDA fair trade Mangoes and Organic Inspection 

After series of skills upgrading workshops, month long leg work and tedious preparation of requirements finally, it comes to an end. On September 17-25, 2013 assessors and evaluators from Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (Lailani Limpin and Julie Gepielago)   and Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (Mr. Ong Kung Wai) went to PREDA to validate and evaluate the latter’s application for Organic Certification for the mango fruit coming from the small hill farmers and indigenous people.


The week-long activity began with an entrance meeting with the officials of the foundation where they discussed the plans for evaluation and assessment followed by the actual visit to each mango producer’s community and finally a visit to Pro-Food Bulacan where the raw materials are being processed.


The team was able to visit 14 Aeta communities from Zambales and Bataan. During the exit meeting the assessors and evaluators inform the agriculturists of PREDA Fair Trade to work on the following things; update the data of producers, review the Internal Quality Control System module, correct mapping of farm lots and upon completion on the required documents hopefully PREDA Mangoes will have an Organic Certification in March 2014.



International Coastal Clean-Up


On September 21, 2013, around 7,600 people gathered on the shores and inner rivers of Olongapo City including PREDA Foundation staffers and volunteers and AKBAY Youth Organization members to participate in the annual International Coastal Clean-Up. This is an annual activity held every third Saturday of September where people gather on beaches, coasts, rivers, waterways and underwater dive sites all over the world to remove trash and debris and identify their sources. ICC also aims to educate the people on their duties and responsibilities as care taker of the environment.  It is also one of our ways to continue the fight against the establishment of a 600mw Coal Fired Power Plant in Olongapo.



Coal plant smoke stacks a danger to aircraft!


The retired senior chief pilot Sir David Beechcroft-Kay of Cathy pacific made a presentation to the Olongapo City Council first week of October to explain with detailed graphs that the flight paths that planes using Cubi airport will have to follow and the proposed coal power plant smoke stack pose a danger to aircraft. Following this, the city council passed a resolution against the construction of the power plant. It is proposed by a consortium of Philippine and Taiwanese corporations. The campaign against the coal plant has succeeded in halting the construction and forcing the consortium to begin from the start to get an environmental clearance certificate. PREDA has supported the campaign as the deadly fumes can harm the population especially children.



AKBAY conducts Journalism Seminar and Workshop


To enhance the writing potentials and journalistic skills, prepare for the production of an AKBAY newsletter, choose and elect members of the Editorial Board were the objectives of the Journalism Seminar and Workshop conducted for the officers and members of AKBAY Children and Youth Organization on September 29, 2013.  The intensive seminar and workshop was facilitated by Mr. Danilo Rogayan Jr and Mr. Emmanuel Drewery, (PREDA Assistant to the executive director and 7th placer in the National Board Examination for Social Workers 2011). Rogayan and Drewery discussed Technical and Creative Writing and Photo Journalism respectively. The youth organization wishes to publish and distribute the first news letter in October in line with the upcoming General Assembly to members, friends, supporters, partner schools and agencies for their information and continuous support. It is supported by the PREDA Education Team.



Jail Rescue Team saves 5 more children


On October 4, 2013 five more kids, the youngest is 9 years old were rescued from cruel and dehumanizing jail conditions in Metro Manila by PREDA Social Workers…..they are now happily in the freedom of the PREDA Home for Boys.


Typhoon damage to PREDA

Two weeks ago a massive Typhoon flooded Olongapo City to never before levels. PREDA is on a hill and safe but suffered a small land slide. Thirty -five minutes drive away at the beautiful site of the  new girls home ,the river overflowed its banks and ripped away part of the  embankment of PREDA and collapsed 40 meters of security wall and completely destroyed the access road. No vehicle can go there. Work on the last building has stopped the embankment has to be protected by a strong wall to be constructed.



German TV network VOX is presently making a 50 minute documentary on the work and life of PREDA children, staff and work. They brought two young researchers and they are joining in all the activities in the various PREDA projects to experience life and to tell the viewers what is happening and what it feels like to be living in PREDA.



Theater tour by Preda youth group


PREDA Public Education and  Advocacy in cooperation with the PREDA supported theatre performers and Youth Group AKBAY (mutual support) have announced that they will go on tour in Germany and the EU early next year and have sent out invitations to supporters. The Play, a musical drama, aims to raise awareness about human trafficking of children into sex slavery and environmental protection. It will be presented by the players in German and are now learning their line. The group has traveled to many countries in past years and played to standing ovations.










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