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May 30, 2013 · 


FAMILY DAY CELEBRATION. A Family Day celebration for the Preda girls was conducted last March 26 to 27, 2013 wherein fun-filled activities and advocacy driven topics were discussed to 65 family members who attended the said activity. (A total of 28 families/relatives attended the event together with the 44 children recovering at the center)

The CFC Girls with their siblings and relatives enjoyed the outing at Ponds and Pines resort. The Public Education Team

of PREDA also facilitated children’s rights orientation while the AKBAY youth group presented an educational puppet show. Family case conferences were also conducted together with the social workers and psychotherapist to discuss the plans for the girls when they are reintegrated to their families which is planned this summer. Social Workers Milet and Terence presented the cases of children subject for

reintegration. A total of 8 girls survivors of sexual exploitation and 4 girls rescued from sexual abuse at home will be reunited to their families after successfully completing the recovery program.

At night, a socialization and reintegration party was held and was facilitated by another Preda staff, Rhoda who is also the the center’s resident psychometrician. Maricel Viloria, Alex Hermoso and Juliet Dunong were the Preda speakers invited in the said activity.

BASIC INTEGRATED THEATER ARTS WORKSHOP. A 3 day theater and acting workshop was facilitated for the clients of Childhood for Children ­ Home for Girls on April 16, 17 and 23 respectively. The said workshop was facilitated by theater actors from the PREDA-AKBAY Advocacy Theater Group trained by professional trainers from the Philippine Educational Theater Association. The activity aims to develop the acting ability of the girls, develop self esteem and confidence and also to strengthen camaraderie among them at the same time develop their leadership skills.


READLANI SPORTS FESTIVAL. READLANI is a network of all the licensed and accredited child caring institutions in Central Luzon. The sports festival for this year was spearheaded by the officials of the said organization and was hosted by the Province of Bataan, City of Balanga (a regional winner in the most child friendly city for 2012). This year’s sports festival theme is “Pinagsama-samang Talino at Galing ng mga Batang Readlani” held on May 7-9, 2013 wherein 580 children coming from these child caring institutions joined in the activity from 27 participating agencies.   PREDA¹S entry to the Cheer Dance and Cultural Dance Competitions emerged as champion and 5th place respectively. PREDA players won many events and was also the Over-All Champion of this year’s sports festival.


WORKING OPPORTUNITY.  There are now 5 older boys working in the new girl¹s center in Gala, Subic under the apprenticeship program of Preda – learning a trade, skills and on the job training experience. They also earn good allowance from this skills training which is a good way of helping them earn from decent means and save for their future.

THEATER GROUP. New young members were included in the advocacy theater training. They are now part of the mirroring group of the PREDA theater play ³Once We Had A Dream².  Andy, a client of the Boy’s center is one of the lead actors of the play. He now performs well after overcoming painful experiences in life through the support of Preda. He recently performed in the READLANI Sports fest during the showcase of talent on the first night of the event.

FORMER CLIENTS’ REUNION!  On May 15-17, a reunion of PREDA former residents was held whereby 11 former residents of the Boys Home participated. Program assessment and possible apprenticeship program were discussed during the activity. More contact work is on-going to bring more former clients together for a bigger reunion and gathering and to check on their progress after graduating from the Preda CICL programme. The boys while at the center are learning to use a computer and they remain in contact with the Preda staff through face book.


HAND PUMP DISTRIBUTION. Six (6) indigenous people’s communities in Zambales were happy to receive hand pumps from Preda for their community water supply. The beneficiaries of this project are the communities of PAPAHT, Cadmang, Reserva, Baculi, LAKAS and Cabuyao all in the Zambales province. Many more pumps will be distributed together with lengths of pipe and cement to supply clean drinking water and end the spread of disease in the villages.  On May 16-17, 2013 the six communities received their respective water-hand pump and pipes from Preda agriculturists Donardo Angeles and Aris Arlantico. They are also Fair Trade agriculturists and producer¹s development officers of PREDA. This project is under the health and sanitation project of PREDA which aims to help the communities to have access to water stations and benefit from safer drinking water. This is in cooperation with Profairtrade Dev’t Agency, Save the Children Japan, Toto Corp and Misereor.

INTERNAL INSPECTION OF ORGANIC MANGO TREES. Baliwet and Pili in San Marcelino and Gala and Alibang in Subic all from the province of Zambales underwent the Internal Inspection of Organic Mango Trees on May 14-16, 2013 spearheaded by the agriculturists of PREDA namely; Roger, Donard and Aris. This aim to secure the certification for organic mango production. This is the first harvest of wild Pico mango organic -in-conversion to help the indigenous people. Preda FairTrade is paying  100% higher for the Pico mangos than the commercial traders. The traders also reject many of the Pico mangos looking for best qualities but buying them at lower price. Preda FairTrade buys and receives all, there are no rejects as all mangoes can be made into mango puree and dried mangos. The gatherers among the indigenous people tribes are very happy with this new trading partnership with Preda Fair Trade.

BUYING PICO MANGOES FROM INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. Profairtrade Development Agency, the Fair Trade arm of Preda Foundation, already started the buying of Pico mangoes from Aeta mango farmers. The wild mangoes are “organic in conversion” offering healthy and nutritious delight to Fair Trade consumers. Thru Fair Trade, the small mango farmers are getting a fair price, for the Aeta farmers supplying Pico mangoes are paid 100 percent higher than the trader’s price. This combats exploitation and injustice in trade. See for more information.


SUMMER CAMP 2013. To be able to attract and engage the youth in environmental awareness and action, the PREDA ­ AKBAY Children and Youth Organization held its annual youth camp with the theme Summer Camp 2013: Harnessing youth to Advocate Responsive Leadership and Environmental Awareness at Megan¹s Paradiso Resort on May 14 ­ 17. A total of 67 AKBAY members, SK Officials, college students and diocesan youth participated in the activity. Members of the PREDA Executive committee were invited to discuss topics on ³Global, National and Local Environmental Situationer² (by Fr. Shay Cullen) and ³Responsive Leadership² (by Mr. Emmanuel Drewery). Mr. Erwin Guce, discussed the topic on ³climate change² while Mr. Danilo Rogayan (outstanding youth of the Philippines in 2012) made an extensive presentation on the different ³Approaches for Environmental Protection². Mr. Alex Corpus Hermoso was the keynote speaker. The 3-day activity is beneficial to the participants hoping it will inspire them to instigate actions necessary to preserve and protect our environment. Activity of fun and sharing during youth camp has ended but the advocacy of the youth continues. Akbay, the youth arm of Preda, is very active in awareness building promoting environmental protection and preservation. More news soon. Email to for more information on the many activities at Preda.



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