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August 6, 2014 · 


Registration form


Activity for the National Children’s Month Celebration
Organized by the Childhood for Children Program, Preda Foundation

1. The contest is open to all children below 18 years of age. Authenticated photocopies of birth certificates or other proof to determine age of participants should be submitted together with the registration form
2. Participation in the children¹s choir competition shall be EXCLUSIVE to elementary schools and high schools
3. The children¹s choir category must have a maximum of 18 members including their technical support and conductor
4. Coaches and conductors may be professionals.


1. Each group will sing the 3 campaign songs of the Childhood for Children Program,PREDA Foundation. The Songs will be rendered in its own musical accompaniment. Separation of the Music and the Vocals may be downloaded from the Preda website: (GALLERY-MUSIC)
2. There shall be 4 voices (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) that is why the members are 8 to 18 in order to have 2 to 4 individuals for each voice tone
3. There must be choreography or interpretative act that is fitting with the campaign songs except for the intended song for a capella.
4. The song entitled: “Love is giving and not taking” must be sung a’capella and without choreography. The other 2 songs (Open up your Heart and On the wings of freedom) will be with the original music and with choreography.
5. It is up to the contestants to bring their props and choir attire.
6. The contestants may bring and use acoustic musical instruments but will be limited only to hand held instruments such as guitar, violin, banduria, ukulele, flute, tambourine, maracas, accordion, trumpets, saxophone, etc. but still subject to approval of the organizer.

• Any songs of choice, a’capella and 1 song with music accompaniment by the Choir may be performed during the audition. The purpose of the audition is to determine the capability of the group to compete. The other competing groups can therefore see and watch all the performers.
• The Auditions will be announced as soon as the registration is over. The venue will be at the Preda Center in Olongapo City.

Those who are judged to be eligible or qualify to compete after completing all the requirements will be admitted to the Semi-Finals.The semi-finals will determine the groups that will compete during the Finals Competition.
Drawing of lots to determine the order of performers shall be done by the organizers with 2 representatives of each group.
The SEMI-FINALS will be conducted @ the Convery Hall, St. Columban College, Olongapo City on September 20, 2014 (Saturday).

The date will of the Grand Finale will be on the 4th of October 2014. Only 8 choir groups will be selected for the FINAL DAY OF COMPETITION that will be held at the Olongapo City Convention Center.

1. The original music accompaniment will be used except for the a¹capella.
2. The other 2 songs may be complimented by other acoustic instrument such any handheld musical instruments as mentioned earlier.
3. No other electronic instrument or recorded accompaniment will be allowed.

1.Running time for the Grand Finale will be 2.5 hours.
2.Drawing lots will be conducted to determine the order of performances
3.The running order for each song shall be no more than 4 minutes for a total of 12 minutes for the 3 songs. However there will be 2 minutes in-between each song for the set up. A total of 15 minutes per group is expected including transitions/gaps.
4.The other 30 minutes will be used for the program and for any gaps that cannot be avoided such as:

•Brief introduction with music video of Preda Childhood for Children Campaign
•Speeches limited to 3 minutes x 3 persons
•movements in between the performances which should not exceed 2 minutes
•Other acknowledgments and announcements
•Any technical problem

Judges or Jury:
The organizers will form the 5 judges than can determine the impact of the performances based on the criteria of judging during the Audition, Semi-Finals and Grand Finale.
Criteria for the A’Capella:
Musicality & Voice Tone Quality 30%
Blending/Harmony 30%
Interpretation/choreography 20%
Stage Deportation/Audience Impact 20%
TOTAL 100%

The same criteria will be used for the other 2 songs. The total of the criteria will then be summed up.
There will be 2 members from the organizers who will assist the judges in determining the scores to determine the true winners.
The Judges collective decision will be tallied by a committee and will be final and irrevocable.
The announcement will be done by Fr. Shay Cullen being one of the Judges.


All contestants will be awarded with an Individual Certificate of Participation after their performance in the Semi-Final and Grand Final.
Each of the competing group that qualifies for the Semi-Final is guaranteed to receive a complimentary award of Php 3,000.00
For the Grand Final the following winners will individually receive a Certificate of Participation while the groups will receive the following Prizes at stake:
Champion: Php 10,000 and Trophy
First Place : Php 8,000 and Trophy
Second Place : Php 5,000 and Trophy

K. VENUE FOR THE PRESENTATION OF THE WINNER shall be at the Activity Hall of the Harbor Point, Ayala Mall, SBF in time for the Celebration of the National Children’s Month depending on the Regional Council for the Welfare of Children and the Regional Association of DSWD Licensed and Accredited NGOs, Inc.

The Organizers will make the necessary arrangement and provide the professional lights and sound equipments subject to the approval of Harbor Point.
Audience will be the general public. Since the Admission is Free for the public, crowd control can only be done by the management of Harbor Point.

Only the management of Harbor Point and the Organizer will be allowed to hang advertising collaterals but still subject to the approval of Harbor Point.
Brief presentation of the Preda Project, short video, etc will be subject to the approval of Harbor Point.
Handouts, flyers, Komiks, etc may be distributed by the READLANI members and Preda during the event.
Any announcement will be limited by Harbor Point.

Local public Officials and heads of Government agencies such as the DSWD, CSWDO, MSWDO will be invited. The SBMA Chairperson and Directors may be invited. The City Mayor may be allowed to speak for a short period on the occasion being the National Children¹s Month Celebration.
A celebrity guest may be invited to be present during the Grand Finale. Her appearance however must be done in advance to attract audience for the event.




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