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August 6, 2013 · 


Hello, dear Father Shay,

I am relieved to know that you are alive!  and going strong……..I was deeply moved by all that you wrote (in your book Passion and Power) and I hope you don’t omit too much.  The story needs to be told.  How utterly sad that humans will treat humans, esp. the weak and vulnerable like that.

I passed on your book to a friend – others must learn about the situation first hand and know of what great priests and lay people are doing at huge cost to correct all this.

I have not received your newsletter for a long time and is it possible to send it to me via e-mail ?
In any case know that you and your children and laborers for this terrible abuse are ever in my heart and lifted up to the Lord in prayer each day and night.  All the sisters are interested and are praying.

May Jesus, Mary and Dominic and Francis Xaiver sustain you – protect you and defeat this evil!

Thank you for your amazing efforts, your great book, telling the story – and exposing wicked men and even the government –  Our country of the US is in serious trouble –  money, money – money is the root of all evil

But you witness to love!

Thank You, Fr Shay

In Christ,   Sr. Mary


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