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Training-seminars for teachers

August 8, 2017 · 


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The Preda Foundation, with the support of the Philippine-American Fund Project, conducted two training-seminars for as many as 120 teachers from schools in Cabangan, Zambales recently. The teachers participated in the workshops and learned about the rights of the child, the legal and moral obligation of duty bearers to protect children in all circumstances.

The training-seminars were presented and discussed by training specialists of Preda Foundation, Maricel A. Viloria and Fedalyn Marie P. Baldo, and Vincent Ray Villeza, a former staff of Preda now a teacher at the San Agustin High school in Castillejos. Fr Shay Cullen and Francis B. Bermido Jr., president and executive director of Preda respectively.

The participants were reminded that no act of abuse in the community or the classroom-verbal, physical or sexual- is ever allowed or tolerated. They discussed the important topic of human trafficking, a rampant crime against minors and young women. They watched videos on child trafficking and cybersex abuse and were advised how to know and understand when a child has been abused. They were reminded that they are the first people to whom children report abuse and the teachers must be ready to listen and understand and know the action they must take to report such abuse.

They were given a pamphlet and call card with the Preda information and helpline number on reporting abuse.

Father Shay Cullen presented the gospel message that places children as the most important in the Kingdom of God and in this world. He cited Matthew 18:1-8 and said that healing and justice in the Preda Center is what fulfills the gospel values in action.


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