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Preda Theater Tour in Germany 2012

April 26, 2012 ·  By

Preda Theater Tour in Germany 2012

The Fair Trade group in Kosterschule in Baden-Baden. They have organized the presentation of the Preda-Akbay Theater play "Once we had a Dream". Monday, 30 April. Promoting Fair Trade and Human Rights.

The theater group AKBAY and our partner organization Preda will make a tour through Germany in May 2012.

Seven Filipino youth will bring in their self-written, very impressive piece of “Once we had a dream,” the fate of many children of Asian island nation on the stage.

The piece is played in German.

The Tatort-Verein leads the overall tour with partners such as world shops, churches and schools, which organize in place performance. After the presentation there will be discussions with the audience.

The Internet video clips of the musical can be seen. They were made at a performance in 2009 in Bonn. This is also Father Shay Cullen of Preda in the interview.

The tour is organized by Lawrence Block (lorenz.block @, who will accompany the group, also from Germany,  Ulrike Thönniges (ulrike.thoenniges @
Tel: 0221-9123045.


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