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Preda appeals for Foton Pampanga

March 31, 2017 · 


Preda appeals for Foton Pampanga


Preda Foundation at Upper Kalaklan, Olongapo City has issued a prayer appeal for all readers to pray and support the needs of Foton Pampanga to solve its supply of spare parts for its customers to repair their vehicles. Sadly,
despite all their efforts they have no supply for the Preda Children’s Home vehicle.

The quality of the parts supply service is down. The vehicle used for the Preda Children’s Home needs parts even after low mileage usage. This appears to be due to the poor quality of the vehicle Foton Tornado.

Foton Pampanga has been unable to supply parts for Preda Children’s Home Tornado for over three weeks.

Mr. Edison Espinosa, the general manager, told Preda that they are having special difficulties in locating the parts for several weeks. Sadly they cannot get the parts after promising many times.

Also there is as yet no plate number for the vehicle although it is the obligation of Foton Pampanga to supply it. We understand the problem may be with the LTO. We are waiting now for three years.

We wish Foton every success in solving its parts problem and your support and prayers will surely help.

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