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Preda Anti-Trafficking Advocates visit Japan.

August 29, 2015 · 


Marlyn Capio Richter

Preda children’s right and anti-trafficking campaigners took their campaign to Japan this August to the annual camp out for young people at The Take Action Academy Camp 2015 .

They were sponsored by Free the Children Japan. The two advocates are Marlyn Capio-Richter,Preda Social worker and paralegal officer and
Glean Victoria, both are brave courageous survivors of human trafficking. They represented Preda Foundation at the seminars. Marlyn was also on a advocacy tour in April 2015 in Washington DC where she spoke at a national ecumenical conference on the subject human trafficking in the Philippines.


She also made presentation at the University of Iowa, in Minneapolis and El Paso and Los Angeles. She recounted her life story of abuse and being a victim of human trafficking for sexual exploitation and how she was rescued by Preda Foundation social workers and found a new life and career as a trained qualified social worker.

They are dedicated advocates working to eradicate as much human trafficking as possible and bring the criminals to justice. The camping out in Japan near Osaka was a harrowing experience as it was a camp out ion tents in the forest in the darkness of the night without lights. But they endured the experience and next day in a meeting hall made their presentations to the young assembled campers.

The Japanese youth were amazed to learn about the extent of child labour and exploitation in the developing countries neighbouring Japan and especially in the Philippines. It was a heavy seminar for these young people according to the Preda educational team. But they were learning and with games and various activities important principles and values and information was shared as a preparation for their future life.

After one week the Preda team returned having left behind a strong impression on the young Japanese students who will be well prepared to resist the many temptations facing youth today.


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