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December 15, 2017 ·  By PREDA Foundation, Inc.




The Preda Foundation is set to open in 2018 a new residential center for male children in conflict with the law (CICL) and children-at-risk (CAR) in Metro Cebu. In this regard, it is looking for qualified professionals to fill up the following positions:

1. Social workers
The Social Worker is primarily responsible for ensuring that the children receive the proper intervention following the principles of restorative justice and with the end in view of reintegrating them as socially functioning individuals to their families and communities.

Among other things, the Social Worker shall:

1. Conduct visits to other facilities where children are detained and facilitate release/referral of the most vulnerable children to the Preda Home.
2. Conduct intake interview and prepare a short case summary.
3. Conduct social investigation by interviewing family members and other significant people and plan for the reintegration of the children whenever possible.
4. Ensure that all recordings and other necessary documents are done and filed with utmost care (i.e social case study report with treatment plan, behavioral progress reports, legal documents, etc.)
5. Conduct regular individual and group counseling and group work.
6. Conducting family therapy sessions alongside other professionals particularly the psychologist and/or psycho-therapist.

1. Must be a registered social worker; male.
2. Must be able to speak Cebuano.
3. New graduates are welcome to apply.

2. Facilitators/Houseparents

The general scope of responsibilities of a houseparent refers to all the tasks relating to personal care, education and values formation and recreational activities of children in the residential home. Specifically, the Facilitator/Houseparent shall:

1. Facilitate the conduct of the approved daily activities of the children, which include non-formal education (NFE) sessions, values formation, personality and human development trainings and group dynamics.
2. Elicit good behavior of the children
3. Ensure hygiene standards are maintained
4. Ensure that the needs of the children are properly addressed by coordinating with other members of the rehabilitation team.

The Facilitators/Houseparents will work directly with male CICL and CAR. Must be male. He must have an innate concern for the wellbeing of these children, a strong sense of responsibility, great leadership skills and must be in good physical and mental condition.


It is preferred that the Facilitator/Houseparent is a graduate of a four-year college degree (Education, Nursing, Psychology and any of the behavioural sciences). Experience working with troubled children is preferred but not necessary.

Interested applicants can send their CV to and Shortlisted applicants will be asked to personally fill up application form after which interview by will follow. Interview can be conducted by Skype if the situation calls for it.

Applicants who will pass the selection process will be be required to undergo orientation and a training program for at least a month WITH PAY at the Preda Bukangliwayway Center for CICL and CAR based in Zambales. PREDA will shoulder the transportation expenses of selected applicants to go to the training center in zambales.


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