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Jessica Smith educational project implemented by Preda

August 8, 2017 ·  By PREDA News



Jessica Smith educational project implemented by Preda holds a human values training seminar at the Jessica smith training center. The students are taught how to participate in their own human development ,to become value oriented in their lives,to be self-award and self-confident and speak out strongly for human rights. Education is not just earning a diploma the Project believes but it is the full holistic growth of the person based on value formation, and commitment to serving fellow human beings. This means each student has to find their true inner self and build their lives on their beliefs,value and commitments.

Knowing those value and commitments and finding themselves in a personal journey is part of the seminar trainings for which they will be tested for resilience ,personality strength empowered young people with knowledge and action for justice.

Preda team.


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