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January 2, 2013 · 



Dear friends and defenders of children and human rights

Preda Children perform cultural dance

Many thanks for your kindness and help for supporting the children through your advocacy, letters, prayers and actions for justice and your donations. You are making it possible for us to save and help them throughout the past year. It is Christmas and the New year is about to begin the are big challenges ahead and more  children to save ,people to help.

We gave special treats and parties for hundreds of children at Preda and from the surrounding poor communities these past days and again in the New Year. We will be sending many to school who would be otherwise begging on the streets or worse, abducted and trafficked into abusive situations. We will increase our advocacy and will be doing more; saving the children from brothels, abusers and jails and advocating for their right to an abuse-free life of dignity and full human development.

This letter is to let you know that we have saved many children this past 2012 and hopefully many more next year. They are now happily recovering at Preda. Thanks to you if you were able to send a donation, or write a letter of support and raised your voice in advocating human rights. Saving the children is essential but they need food, clothes, education and therapy.

The children at the Preda therapeutic home are growing and maturing and overcoming severe abuse. They and thousands like them in other places of healing are the most courageous and brave children ever. They came to us like refugees, rescued and fleeing evil people like what happened to Jesus, Mary and Joseph when King Herod ordered the slaughter of male children.The family became refugees and fled seeking asylum in Egypt. Like thousands of people today fleeing violence and abuse.

There are now 47 girls at Preda, from 6 to 16 years of age.They came with grievous problems and traumatic experiences which I will not describe here. They have suffered much but were able to speak out against their abuser and were rescued form him by Preda social workers and are now protected. But they are brave and courageous, wonderful children. They are trying hard to bring out all their tears and pains and the hurt they  suffered and express it in therapy .Its very painful to recall yet it is healing for them in overcoming the effects of abuse and hardship. And afterwards, they are filled with relief and a great burden is lifted. This is the best gift we can give them ,it will heal them and last a lifetime. They will not be beaten down and  abused ever again. They know their rights and have charged their abuser.They have been empowered and affirmed.

It’s great happiness when we see a sad, depressed, frightened child realizing that she will never be abused again and that no one is coming to get her and do bad things to her; it is the greatest relief for these children and sadness turns to happiness. The children help each other to heal too as in the story of the survivor who found a friend at Christmas. Its posted on this web site (

The only reward we want is to see that happy, wonderful change. We witness the happier, smiling children playing and joyfully going off to school in the Preda bus every morning .They have a new experience and a sense of freedom and escape and a real hope of a happier and brighter future. The dedicated female Preda social workers and trained house parents are wonderfully patient and understanding. Lets not forget the many more in need of help and his Christmas season and New year ought to be a reminder to us what life is all about. Its sharing our resources with those who dont have the basic needs.

Jesus was born without the basic needs ,into poverty and hunger, born in an out-shed, in a shack with the animals and with his parents. They suffered the cold and hunger and many hardships. From the start they had death threats and Mary and Joseph lived in fear and eventually they had to become refugees and run away with the child to a place of refuge. It’s like that for the children coming into Preda; it’s a refuge from the child killers, abusers and rapists. Some children were given death threats if they told of the abuse, but they did speak out and came to Preda to be protected. We social workers, pastors and priests too get death threats when we charge these abusers in court or take a stand for human rights.

We know too of the slaughter of the innocents that Jesus escaped but there are thousands today whom we cannot rescue and this is what troubles me most. But you are an encouragement to all of us.

Through the newspapers and television, we at Preda are making the voices of the children be heard around the world. One day we will make this a world where abused and hungry children are hopefully no more. For this coming New Year  let all of us stand together ,fight for justice for the abused and  and do al we can to the needs of children as best we can. Stand with us and help us continue this important work.


Father Shay Cullen, Mssc

Columban Father


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