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A Reunion of Survivors

January 30, 2018 · 


reunion Oct. 17

Last October 27, 2017 39 former residents of the Preda Home for Children came to Preda to participate in an assessment and evaluation workshop to with the end in view of determining what component of the program worked for them and what did not work. These children were all victims of abuse and trafficking cared for by Preda in the therapeutic home from the year 2009 to 2017.

It is remarkable that the girls, now young women, have moved on to live a life of dignity and freedom from abuse and exploitation though some of them are still economically poor. Many are now studying in college while some already have their families to care for. Before the assessment and evaluation workshop, Preda gave them input on responsible parenthood, positive discipline and the anti-violence against women and their children law.

Each child was privately interviewed by a social worker and was asked as to their present life situation and to give their insights about the therapeutic program. All of the girls expressed gratitude to the Preda Foundation without whom, they say, they would never have been rescued from abuse and exploitation. They also expressed appreciation of the different activities at the Preda Center. They said it was very important that they were able to continue their formal schooling when they were at Preda and that the trips to the beach for swimming gave the chance to be children. They hoped there would be more outings for the children.

A large majority of them said the experience of going through the emotional release therapy sessions was life-changing. Through it, they realized they were not to blame for the abuse they experienced and had the courage to tell their stories and confront the abusers.



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