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On The Wings of Freedom

On The Wings of Freedom
Lyrics Shay Cullen

I was once a happy child free like a dove on the wing
Flying high with hopes and dreams.
I was once a blooming field of flowers,
And now a winter tree,
Stripped naked by his tempest
Whatever can I be?

Let me be an eagle, let me fly away
On the wings of truth and freedom
Let me live another way
Let me live another way
LIve another way
Just another day

He came and said he loved me
And stole childhood and belief
I have nothing but the secret pain
Loneliness of my grief.
My hope comes from the children
That I see fighting for their rights
My dream is doing justice
For those who share their plight.

I fly on powerful wings that lift me to the sky,
I’m diving from the cloudless sky
from my talons abusers flee .
I catch them and I bring them to the
Trial they truly need
I ask you all for justice
To end their evil deed

Let me be an eagle, let me fly away
On the wings of truth and freedom
Free me from the memory, free me from the pain
On the wings of truth and freedom
Let me live another way
Let me live another way
Live another way just another day


Open Up Your Heart

Open Up Your Heart
Lyrics Shay Cullen

We’re gonna change the world
so open up your hearts,
Let’s share the planet’s wealth
in a hundred billion parts.
We’ll heal the wounds and sores
And batter down the doors.
We’re gonna change the world,
Change the world!
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Walking down the alleyways of
misery and despair,
Filled with homeless orphans
in a land that doesn’t care.
Hungry children, lonely poor
only dogs to lick their sores,
No one should be silent,
Go batter down the doors!

Doors of apathy and indifference
evidence if their of greed.
Shout to all the planet,
“Dont plant the GM seeds!
Dont plant the GM seeds!

We are the children of Rwanda,
of the Balkans and Sudan,
On Iraqi streets they kill us
and the hovels of Afghan.
They shoot us in the heart,
in the slums of Rio and Davao
They rape us with impunity
And sell us here and now.

We’re dying on the killer AIDS,
and the greed of mighty men
There is a little that will save us
until true justice comes again
True justice comes again!
We are the only hope,
the generation that’s to be
The future of the planet Earth
if it’s here for us to see.

The butterflies and birds
are dying like the bees
Don’t leave the little children
A world of clear cut trees.

We’re the living testimony
That hope is still alive
Bring on the power of love
and let everyone survive
Let everyone survive!

Chorus (x2)

Love Is Giving

Love Is Giving and Not taking.
Lyrics Shay Cullen

You tell me that you love me
And call me to your side,
You want to hold and touch me
Yet never as your bride.

There must be more to love
Than satisfying your need,
From all that kind of selfish love
I’m longing to be freed.

Love is giving and not taking
It’s sharing night and day
helping others hearts and soul
and asking no repay
Love is giving and not taking,
It’s helping heart and soul
It’s dying for another,
Is there any higher goal?

No more for me romantic love,
I have to pass it by,
Loving all humanity
is what I want to try.

The street kids and the beaten,
The victims of abuse,
I will love them all instead of you
So my life will be of use.

(Chorus) Love is Giving and not taking.

So now my friend I say good-bye,
Another age is here,
Calling us to change our ways
And put an end to fear.

So join me on my journey,
Leave behind your troubled days
Perhaps together we can love
In many other ways.

(Chorus x2)
Love is giving and not taking (x3)


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