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The Magical Tree

May 11, 2011 ·  By Vera Reynolds


Vera Reynolds

I touched the tree
And it said to me
Come here my child
Stop running wild

So I sat beneath the tree
And it humbly said to me
Sing me a song and make me smile
So I sang for a while

I hugged the tree
And it said to me
Thanks for the song
Now run along

So I ran filled with glee
Home to my mother who said to me
I see you touched and hugged the tree
How do you know Mama I cried?

Well, when I was a child and running wild
I touched and hugged that very same tree
It¹s not just a tree it¹s a magical tree
And it has many stories for you and for me

What kind of stories Mama I cried
Oh, stories and stories you never hear tell
About the cycles of life
And what the seasons foretell

About animals and nature
And all who roam
Through the skies and the seas
And a long way from home

About the birds and the bees
And all of creation
The heavens and the earth
And about every nation

So it¹s not just a tree
It¹s a magical tree
And it holds many secrets
For you and for me.
What kind of secrets Mama I cried
Oh! Secrets that are so profound
You will have to go underground
And visit The Realms there to find

A blue dragon so very very kind.
A key in his hand shiny and blue
The secrets that he will unlock for you
Will benefit all mankind.

© Vera Reynolds


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