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The Holy One

May 11, 2011 ·  By Bill Drayton


By: Bill Drayton


Holy One, You have taken the scales
from my eyes,
and unstopped my ears,
and have broken my stubborn heart,
so that i can hear and see
and receive the gift of Your peace.

Holy One, You have poured your joy
into my innermost being,
melting the dark despair within
and transforming my soul
through the glory
of Your perfect image.

Holy One, You have lifted me up from the pit,
set my anxious feet on firm ground
and have clothes me
in the be jeweled ephod
of the New Covenant.

Holy One, you have healed me from my loneliness
and placed me as an adopted child
in the Father’s family.

Holy One, You have brought me
to Your table of delights
in the banqueting hall
richly decorated
with your banners of love.

Holy One, You now place me at Your side
upon your throne,
and I, a sinner saved
through Your atoning blood
and immeasurable mercy
and overcoming
in the power of the Spirit,
am honoured to sit with You there.


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