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Essay by Sean Thibeaud

November 8, 2016 · 


HUGH O’FLAHERTY MEMORIAL WEEKEND PRIMARY SCHOOL ESSAY COMPETITION WINNING ENTRY 2016 SEAN THIBEAUD – ARDFERT CENTRAL NS My name is Sean Thibeaud, I am a 10 year old boy from Ardfert, Co. Kerry. I have heard about the war in Syria and how some leaders think building walls to stop refugees from Syria jumping onto […]


POEM : Man’s Achilles Heels

November 8, 2016 · 


HUGH O’FLAHERTY MEMORIAL WEEKEND SECOND LEVEL SCHOOLS POETRY COMPETITION WINNING ENTRY 2016 DONAGH McMAHON – MERCY MOUNTHAWK TRALEE Man’s Achilles Heels Greed… a five letter word that appears so benign That has shaped our humanity since the beginning of time. It’s the root of all evil and man’s Achilles heel Leading even the honest to […]


January 22, 2013 · 

Bernadette Pendergast, Galway Bay Fm,  Declan Varley, Galway Advertiser, Fergus McGinn, Monroe’s Live, Galway, James Moran, The Western Hotel, Galway.


To live with a goal and purpose, is to live fully

November 1, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen

We are human because we can think, Can choose the good reject the bad, Know the difference between right and wrong, We can love others unselfishly we can sing a song, Write a poem, Can be happy and be sad.   To live a life of value is to have a conscience clean Follow it […]


Emotional Release Therapy

July 26, 2012 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen & Alex Corpuz Hermoso

The Emotional Release  Therapy at the Preda Center in Olongapo City  Philippines.  Preda Foundation was set up in 1974 as a therapeutic healing center for  young people  with emotional and family problems compounded by sexual exploitation or abuse .  It is a great help for traumatized sexually abused girls.  It is also helping youth severely […]



July 26, 2012 ·  By 2009. Fr. Shay Cullen

Why  would  judges  hamper  an investigation into  a human rights investigation  into a killing field where many human remains are found in Davao ,victims allegedly of the  infamous death squad. Why would the members of the  Commission on Human Rights be charged themselves? Human Rights Watch says local authorities are obstructing the  course  of  justice […]


Writ of Kalikasan, Amparo, Habeas Corpus

July 2, 2012 ·  , Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Writ of Kalikasan Writ means Legal action From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A Writ of Kalikasan is a legal remedy under Philippine law which provides for the protection one’s right to “a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature,” as provided for in Section 16, Article II of the […]


The blight of Pornography

June 29, 2012 ·  , Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J., June 27, 2012."The blight of Pornography"".

Our American culture, now well-secularized and well-sexualized, is also rife with pornography. This grave evil worries good parents, educators, and some public servants. Mindful of its effects, the Church is ever protective of the sacred character and dignity of the whole person. What Is Pornography? The root of the word pornography (porne or pernea), is […]


ASIA : Clergy sexual misconduct by Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila

June 21, 2012 ·  , The Tablet . June 2012.

The so-called crisis of the clergy unfolding these past years is immense in scope. It includes allegations of sexual misconduct, suspicions about the clergy’s handling of money, accusations of misuse of authority, inappropriate lifestyle and a host of other things. The faithful are appalled at the rudeness of their pastors. Priests who do not preach […]


Mining Policy Brief – Ateneo School of Government

December 8, 2011 ·  By Ateneo School of Government

Attached is a an e-copy of Ateneo School of Government’s (ASoG) mining policy brief which was the subject of  Chamber of Mines’ paid (rant) ad in the Nov. 21 issue of Phil Daily Inquirer. Please check under this thread, related statement and opinion/column clips. The following are the 10 key questions related to mining and […]

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