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People's Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation.

PREDA'S IMMEDIATE MISSION: Winning freedom and a new life for children in jails, in brothels, in hunger, on the street, abandoned youth and those mired in poverty. Helping abused women, indigenous people, protecting the environment and alleviating poverty through micro-credit and fair trade initiatives.

Preda is a Philippine human rights and social development organization working for 34 years through fair trade practices to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in society and to overcome injustice and poverty. There is a professional Filipino staff of 88 implementing the 12 projects of Preda. (See: www.preda.org) read more...

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* 2009 Human Rights Report: Philippines
* Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2008
* Convention on the Rights of the Child
* Preda report on Juvenile Justice System


Latest News & Articles

Seeking Justice, End To Impunity -  Fr Shay Cullen | November 23, 2011


As 13 year-old Angelica walked out of the court room she was crying her heart out. Her friends from the PREDA home for abused girls were hugging and embracing her trying to give her comfort. Read more...

PHOTO: The second anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre in the Philippines — is being marked by journalists worldwide as the first International Day to End Impunity.


Climate Change and Philippine Deforestation -  Fr Shay Cullen | November 16, 2011


The greatest hope we have for saving our planet from catastrophe is the dedication of those dedicated environmentalists and scientists who love creation and work tirelessly to protect it from the irresponsible tycoons of industry and corrupt politicians who cause global warming. Read more...

PHOTO: Almost two decades after the Catholic Church leaders warned against an ecological debacle in the country, the disappearance of forests remains.


Most London sex workers 'not trafficked', says study -  BBC News


The majority of interviewed migrant workers in the sex industry in London are not forced nor trafficked, says a report. Read more...

PHOTO: The latest research suggests many sex workers are working in the industry voluntarily

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