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Letter for Fr. Shay Cullen



“Letter for Fr. Shay Cullen “

Dear Fr Shay,

It was great to meet you this morning, I’m sorry it was brief.

I just wanted to send an email to once again to thank you for accepting my request to visit Preda. The work that Preda has accomplished over the years is truly incredible.

I’ve had a great insight into Preda via the different departments. I admire the work that the PEPS team are doing in the community. Their approach to educating both children and their parents of basic human rights is aspiring and the energy and enthusiasm they put into each seminar is admirable.

I visited a group of Local mango farmers with the Fairtrade team and I learned about the work that goes on behind the scenes to support these communities and to help them keep their feet on their land especially in these times. A credit to the dedication of the Fairtrade team has been recognised with the recognition of organic farming. This is fantastic and I wish great success to all involve in future projects.

Fortunately Marlyn gave me a few tasks to complete in the office. It was through this opportunity that in such a short period of time I learned a lot about the work that Preda has accomplished towards providing a safe environment for children. The struggle against the cruelty to children is very real but the passion of the Preda community continues to overcome the difficulties that life throws in their direction.

Of course, no visit to Preda would be complete without a visit to the CFC. Thankfully I had AnneLousie with me on my first visit. I got a great insight into the building, the operations and the various activities that happen.

The one thing I take away with me is something I noticed in the girls. Without saying it I can tell how happy and grateful they are of Preda. They are allowed to be children and teenagers just like any other. I joined in a few art activities with Julia and Anne Lousie and the dedications that the children had to the staff was remarkable. They look after one another and are welcoming to anyone new who comes into their family. I was very touched by the openness of the children. It is a quality that I hope they grow up with.

On reflection, despite my time being short I’ve felt part of the Preda community. I am thankful to you Fr Shay for accepting my request and I am very grateful to everyone at Preda for welcoming me.

I am not quite sure what my next step is, I guess some time to reflect. I would love to stay in touch with Preda and support the cause from Ireland if possible.

For now, best wishes with the continuous fight in helping children, women and the marginalised communities to live in a would where their basic rights are seamlessly intertwined with daily life.

Kind Regards,


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