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January 28, 2013 · 

by Fr. Shay Cullen

If you love to live then you can live to love: your family, friends, neighbors, the poor and this wonderful (wounded) world and unspoiled universe. But you need to eat clean, unadulterated, purely non-processed food. That’s a mouthful of words but I write them with a conviction since I have witnessed so many people dying of cancers and preventable diseases. For the first time in human history, more people are dying and suffering diseases from consuming chemical and sugar-laced “food’ than are dying of starvation. We can and must do all we can to preserve life and promote healthy virtuous living.

The shocking truth is that many people are dying from diseases that are preventable but are related to the processed stuff we eat. To oversimplify things, let me just say cancer tumors grow when our body cells can’t stop multiplying. When cancer strikes, something alien in our bodies is upsetting the natural chemical balance that keeps our cell growth and replacement rates in perfect balance. The brake-pads of our cells, so to speak, have been dissolved by a toxic chemical soup. Runaway cell growth kills us because we have no defense against the chemical compounds of modern laboratories. These food additives are man-made and are not found naturally in nature.

Millions of years of evolution gave humans strong healthy bodies that evolved in a clean, healthy, natural, non-chemical air and natural food environment. But the last eighty years has seen an explosion of chemical based processed food substitutes that our immune defense system just can’t cope with. Perhaps the body can resist the small amounts of chemicals in our food for ten to thirty years but the chemicals mix into something new and build up in our fatty tissue, reach dangerous toxic levels and then do the incurable damage.

The chemical cocktails in the so-called ‘food” that are presented as the healthiest tastiest, burger, hotdog, sausage or ham and many more are in fact dangerous to our health. They are offered in supermarkets in lovely wrapped presentation bags and promoted on television and massive billboards. Most recently, beef-burgers were found to be a mixture of horse flesh and pig and no-one knows what else is mixed in. I wonder what other concoctions out there on the supermarket shelf waiting to devour us rather than for us to devour them.

Our body’s defense system is designed primarily to defend against external attacks, viruses, bacteria, wounds, and anything that is found in the natural environment that invades our bodies. The body vigorously fights them off and we can recover. But all that has changed in the recent years since the “food” industry made mass-produced ready to eat edibles. They are canned, preserved, colored frozen, vacuum-packed, plastic wrapped and bottled. Many have been shown to have synthetic chemicals mixed in that are known to be carcinogenic. Today, millions struggle in an artificial food chain that is no better than a chemical swamp and a filthy fog. The air we breathe is polluted with deadly poisons that slowly kill us with lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

But when we have an intake and slow build up of deadly chemicals that our immune system can’t fight off or neutralize, we become a victim of chemical food warfare. We are under attack from what we eat and by those who produce it in the modern processed substances. Don’t believe those who say, ”don’t worry, the government would never allow it, there are inspectors”. Cigarettes are perhaps the most well documented cancer-causing chemical based products that kill and disable millions of people every year. They are allowed and freely available.

This is because the money moguls control our world and our habits and diets. Many are the food, alcohol, and tobacco and drug billionaires and corporations that addict us also to exploit poor farmers, allow child labor and keep a billion people hungry worldwide.

A recent Oxfam report pointed out that the top 100 billionaires are so wealthy, they added US$240 billion more to their bank accounts in 2012. This alone is enough to eliminate world poverty four times over. They do this by exploiting the poor, the middle class. They promote junk food that is causing people to get diabetes, multiple organ failure and cancers.

The best way to live is the simplest, help others, get lots of exercise, eat home cooked organic vegetables, fruit and fish. Drop the meat and anything that is suspected of being tainted with chemicals. A change to really natural and organic foods will keep us happier, healthy and alive and strong enough to help make this a better world. Change the diet and save lives is a truth worth following.


(Fr. Shay’s columns are published in The Manila Times, in publications in Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong, and on-line.)

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