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Angeles City, the second largest sex tourism city in the world

April 26, 2012 ·  By Peter St. Cyr & Gadi Schwartz, US Media

Angeles City, the second largest sex tourism city in the worldA Bernalillo County Commissioner with a history of making inappropriate sexual comments in Albuquerque may be in more trouble half way around the world.

A Seattle photographer, who has been documenting sex tourism in the Philippines, told KOB’s 4 On Your Side team he had a disturbing conversation with Commissioner Michael Wiener in Angeles City, the second largest sex tourism city in the world.

Photographer John Keatley has posted several pictures he took of Wiener standing with four scantily clad bar girls last month on his Internet blog.

Weiner said nothing inappropriate happened and that he and his girlfriend were just walking through the district, waiting to catch a plane out of the city.

Keatley claimed he heard Wiener make a racy comment to the girls. “He basically said right when he got up to have his picture taken with the girls, ‘Hey don’t touch my penis… Ah hah just kidding – you can touch it.’”

Wiener denied saying that.

“I may have made a comment like don’t get too close to my girlfriends here, but I didn’t mention anything like that,” Wiener said.

Keatley also claimed the commissioner also told him to relax and enjoy the ‘walking street.’

“He told us what a good time could be had in Angeles City if you just opened yourself up to it,” Keatley said.

The photographer also said it appeared Wiener seemed to know the district well.

“He was trying to get us to switch our hotels because this other hotel we were staying at would really cater to us having a good time. It was very wink, wink, nudge, nudge,” Keatley said. “He seemed surprised that we didn’t have girls yet. It was kind of like, come on- open your self up have a good time kind of thing.”

Wiener denied staying at a hotel in Angeles City.

In fact, Wiener told Investigative Reporter Gadi Schwartz he was only there with his girlfriend while the couple waited for a flight to visit his nine-year-old daughter, who lives in another town in the island country.

Wiener, who faces a Republican primary opponent in June, said he hopes politics is not behind the photographer’s blog post, but Keatley said he never met Wiener before March and does not even know who he is running against.

Keatley said he did not even know Wiener was an elected official until looking him up on Facebook after meeting him on the mean streets of Angeles City.

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