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Activities for Interns and Volunteers



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Visits to the boys and girls homes, open air, non confining centers ,in Castillejos, for the Boys and in Subic, Sakatihan, for the Girls home.

Having interaction with the children, joining games, group dynamics, singing, sports, listening, story telling, art and craft, cooking with the children.

Learning the life stories of the boys and girls reading their case folders, interviewing the clients.

Joining home visit in the Manila slums or lower middle class.

Visiting a jail to see the social conditions where these children are behind bars when they should be in a government supported home with freedom and education therapy and dignity and not behind bars sleeping on the floors in bad conditions.

Help release the children from jail. With the Preda social worker in the release from jails in Manila and bring them to Preda.

Joining other outings with the children to a resort, to the river for swimming, a beach outing, a party, for both boys and girls.

Joining in the legal work, reviewing the cases filed by the abused girls against their abusers, visiting the court for a hearing, with guidance writing a legal motion or brief if you study or practice social law as a para-legal.

Helping in the education classes, joining the karate, dancing and other fun activities. Basketball, football, volley ball, badminton, chess, reading stories. watching movie

Visits to the Aeta indigenous communities, meeting the people, listening to their stories overnight in the houses of the people, cooking meals with them, joining the very simple living in mountain village overnight, no Internet , no G4, just enjoy the moon and the stars. Crossing the lake to other village or crossing the lahar field of volcanic sand to the other villages. Helping in harvesting if its May or June on.

Other activities, take a historic tour of the former US military base removed by the campaign led by Preda now a thriving commercial conversion with factories, Malls and ship building.

Visit the last remaining primeval Rain forest in Subic Freeport area, visit the Zoo in the rain forest and the Ocean adventure see the dolphins and converse with the Preda staff and enjoy the Olongapo scene.

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