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Vision & Mission Statement


PREDA Vision:

We, the members of the PREDA Foundation, our friends and supporters envision a just, free, peaceful and prosperous society that serves the common good and respects human rights, especially the rights of children. A society built on faith and virtue and spiritual values that overcomes poverty by a fair distribution of wealth, opportunity and resources. It restores and preserves the environment and builds up self-reliant communities through the participation of the people and respects and restores the culture of indigenous peoples.

Mission Statement:

  • To work for just laws and their implementation that will empower the poor, and protect their rights.
  • To protect the weak and the defenseless, especially children and women exploited in demeaning labor, especially prostitution.
  • To come to the assistance of the sexually abused and develop Fair Trade programs that will help alleviate poverty and exploitation.

Activities to Attain Set Goals:

  • To provide the following services; rescue, treatment and recovery for sexually and physically abused children.
  • To investigate and prosecute abusers, to prevent and protect children and youth against child abuse, substance abuse and AIDS.
  • To work with media to develop public awareness and protect children.
  • To help families be self-reliant, promote livelihood training and employment with just wages by providing capital, interest free loans, technical assistance to producers and markets through the Fair Trade Movement and the commercial market.
  • To provide leadership training.

Spiritual Renewal

  • To promote spiritual renewal and transformation, strengthen Filipino dignity and self-esteem and work for social and economic justice for the poor and the oppressed.
  • Lobby legislators in the Philippines and elsewhere to enact just laws protecting the people’s rights and to campaign to change the national policy to make the poor and marginalized the national priority.

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