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September, 2017

Young at heart: why children who exercise become healthier adults

September 5, 2017 ·  By David Cox for

Studies show that physical activity in childhood can psoitively affect the developing brain. Photograph: YakobchukOlena/Getty Images/iStockphoto

New research suggests childhood exercise has a protective effect on health in later years, as well as improving brain power – even in inactive grownups Last week, Public Health England said 6 million middle-aged adults in England take less than 10 minutes’ brisk exercise a month, risking their health. But when does the problem start? […]


German nurse suspected of murdering at least 90 patients

September 4, 2017 ·  By Philip Oltermann in Berlin for

Nurse convicted of murders killed 90 patients, say German police – video

Police say they have found evidence that Niels Högel, who was jailed for killing two patients, murdered more with lethal drug At least 90 people were killed at the hands of a German nurse who injected patients with cardiovascular medication in order to show off his resuscitation skills, a three-year police investigation has found. Niels […]


Suicide is at record level among students at UK universities, study finds

September 4, 2017 ·  By Sarah Marsh for

A student working in a library. Photograph: Photofusion/UIG via Getty Images

Research also finds number of students who disclose mental health problem in first year has risen fivefold in 10 years A growing number of undergraduates are reporting mental health problems, according to a report that shows a record number of students have killed themselves in recent years. The scale of the mental health crisis at […]


Instead of murder

September 4, 2017 ·  By Buena Bernal, Manila for


By not seeking ways to rehabilitate, Duterte’s war on drugs shows just how broken society in the Philippines is. A sign stands in the middle of an urban poor community in the suburb of Manila where a 17-year-old boy was killed by policemen during an anti-narcotics operation on Aug. 15. (Photo by Vincent Go) Many […]

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