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October, 2016

Happy slaughter

October 3, 2016 ·  By for

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte           AP Photo/Bullit Marquez, File

THERE CAN be no mistaking it. Both the video record and the official transcript provided by the Presidential Communications Office prove that President Duterte did in fact liken himself to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler—and said he was ready to kill three million drug addicts. It is true that he started by decrying criticisms that […]


Pope Francis calls for Peacemaking and an end to violence

October 3, 2016 · 


Pope Francis calls for Peacemaking and an end to violence. “Violence begets violence, and we have the impression of being caught up in a spiral of arrogance and inertia from which there is no escape. This evil which grips our will and conscience should challenge us. Why, even at the cost of untold damage to […]

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