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March, 2016

UK downgrading of human rights sets dangerous precedent, says Amnesty

March 2, 2016 · 


Group criticises plans to scrap Human Rights Act, proposed new spying laws and relations with China, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Britain is setting a dangerous precedent by undermining human rights and contributing to a worldwide “culture of impunity”, Amnesty International has said in its annual report on the state of human rights. Plans to scrap the Human […]


Study finds human trafficking is judged unevenly by law, public.

March 2, 2016 · 


  The severity of the criminal penalty for human trafficking in the U.S. has no effect on the number of suspects who are arrested and prosecuted for the crime, according to a wide-ranging new study by Northeastern criminologist Amy Farrell and her research partners. The study also found that few states have developed the expertise […]


Brit paedo Trevor Monk jailed for 20 years for sex abuse on kids as young as 5

March 1, 2016 ·  By Nicole Morley for for

Trevor Monk, 47, a paedophile who filmed himself abusing young girls on a trip to the Philippines (Picture: NCA)

A British paedophile who filmed himself sexually abusing girls as young as five has been jailed for nearly 20 years. Trevor Monk, 47, paid thousands for access to the children during a two-week holiday in the Philippines. He even complained to a woman arranging the abuse that one of the girls was 16 instead of […]


The FBI resorts to unconventional means to crack down on child pornography: hosting a child pornography website

March 1, 2016 ·  By MARCO D'SOUZA for


The FBI used extreme measures to locate child pornography perpetrators on the Dark Web–using a hacking tool that revealed their true identity In what can only be deemed highly unusual, it was recently revealed on Motherboard that the FBI had to resort to actually hosting a website containing child pornography in order to locate and […]


The hard reality of Bangladesh’s child laborers

March 1, 2016 · 


There are 3.45 million child workers in the impoverished nation, says survey It’s Friday morning in Dhaka and 13-year-old Muhammad Sohel waits inside a public transport van to begin another day’s work as the driver’s assistant. Sohel’s job is to attract passengers and to their collect fares as the vehicle moves through the streets of […]


Hussain brothers jailed in Rotherham abuse case

March 1, 2016 ·  By England for

Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court

Three brothers who groomed, raped and sexually assaulted 15 teenage girls in Rotherham have been jailed. Arshid Hussain, 40, was jailed for 35 years while siblings Basharat, 39, and Bannaras, 36, were jailed for 25 and 19 years respectively. Their uncle, Qurban Ali, 53, who was found guilty of conspiracy to rape, was jailed for […]

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