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December, 2015

Judges’ killings mock Aquino’s governance record

December 1, 2015 ·  By The Manila Times News for


WHILE committing our country to the global war on terrorism, President Aquino will do well to also devote some of his attention and energies instead to stopping the wave of killings and assassinations of the nation’s judges—a problem that is as real and immediate as the latest reports from Paris and elsewhere. This menace at […]


The work and projects of The Preda Foundation Inc.

December 1, 2015 · 


The work and projects of The Preda Foundation Inc. Saving ,healing,caring, values formation, training, fostering,teaching,livelihood. December 2015 The People’s Recovery Empowerment and Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation is an active social development organization today with 58 professional Filipino employees implementing projects that saves children from sexual abusers, and from life in the brothels and sex bars […]

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