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July, 2015

US praises Philippines for progress in addressing human trafficking

July 29, 2015 ·  By Michaela del Callar, Philippine News Agency for


MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines has made significant strides in addressing human trafficking, the United States said as it praised Manila’s efforts to carry out measures to stop sex trade, forced labor and illegal recruitment of Filipinos. In its 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report launched in Washington on Monday, the US State Department lauded the […]



July 28, 2015 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen


Preda News and Fr.Shay Cullen 27 July 2015 Following the Sunday World July 26 expose on the injustice suffered by Irish psychiatric nurse Eanna O cochlain. in the Philippines National Irish Radio RTE continues its coverage with an interview coming on the 11 am radio with Dave Fanning this 30 July with Father Shay Cullen, […]


The Economic Hit Men

July 28, 2015 ·  By Fr. Shay Cullen


The Economic Hit Men 23 July 2015 Fr. Shay Cullen The Greek left-wing government has struggled and wrestled against compromising their principles not to give in to the stringent demands of their creditors. They failed and have had to enact tough austerity laws that will bring hardship on the ordinary citizen. They have opposed giving […]


Positive action to save marine ecology.

July 27, 2015 ·  By Eloisa Lopez, Manila for


Philippine Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa joined politicians, media personalities and civil society groups in campaigning against mining and coal plant operations in Verde Island Passage, dubbed as the world’s “center of the center of marine biodiversity.” “We have been fighting for this issue for so long, but we have always been ignored,” Arguelles told […]


Good News for Children with new Malaria vaccine

July 27, 2015 ·  By Agence France-Presse for

MALARIA VACCINE. A child who suffers from Malaria lies in bed in Tanzania. Photo by Stephanie Aglietti/AFP

The vaccine has yet to pass a final World Health Organization (WHO) hurdle, and may not become available before 2017 LONDON, United Kingdom – The world’s most advanced malaria vaccine got the nod Friday, July 24, from European regulators, despite mixed trial results, for eventual use in children in African countries plagued by the killer […]


Wanted Persons

July 26, 2015 ·  By Preda Foundation Inc.


The following individuals have been accused of severe child maltreatment, including sexual abuse, physical abuse and trafficking in persons. They have not been apprehended, because their whereabouts are unknown, but warrant’s of arrest have been issued for each. Any information can be reported to 0917-532-4453. Concerned citizens who provide information leading to an arrest will […]


Field Report from the Mango Harvest at the Aeta Community Batiawan

July 26, 2015 ·  By Fabian Pohl, June 2014

Mango Harvest

After a two hour ride, we arrived at the Aeta Community in Batiawan, Subic Zambales around noontime. Unfortunately, we got stuck on the rough road because of a heavy shower before. With the help of the people from the community, we where able to get thevehicle back on the road again after a while. Our […]


Anneluise Kämmerer will return to Preda for the 4th time.

July 26, 2015 ·  By by: Fr. Shay Cullen and Anneluise Kämmerer

anne luise 2

One of Preda’s most loyal and faithful supporters and friends, Anneluise Kämmerer from Austria returned home to Eisenstadt, near Vienna, after three months here at Preda. She has visited many of the producer farmers in Mindanao where she celebrated her birthday with the farmer producer. and to the Aeta communities here in Zambales and Bataan. […]


FR.SHAY CULLEN AND MARLYN CAPIO-RICHTER receive the Award at the Iowa Sate university .

July 26, 2015 · 


SEX TOURISTS FLEE OLONGAPO IN FEAR OF ARREST. PREDA NEWS REPORTER During a presentation at the Iowa State University Father Shay Cullen told a audience of 600 professors, clergy, human rights activists and students that following the undercover work of retired Australian police and US ICE agents sex tourists are leaving Olongapo and Subic sex […]


Was Man Murdered For Exposing Paedophile Ring?

July 24, 2015 ·  By Afua Hirsch, Social Affairs & Education Editor for


Detectives urge victims to come forward following allegations women and children were raped at council property in the 1990s. Police investigating Westminster-linked child abuse are examining whether a man was murdered because he was about to expose a paedophile ring operating within a London council. Sky News has obtained details of an internal investigation documenting […]

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