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June, 2009

Preda Newsletter June 2009

June 2, 2009 · 

Dear Friends, Supporters and Defenders of Children, Greetings and welcome to our Preda Newsletter with the latest updates on the action and developments since March this year. There has been remarkable progress in the services for children, many more have been rescued from jail, brothels and abusers and many are recovering. They are finding a […]


Tough justice: On the trail of Philippine death squads

June 1, 2009 ·  By David McNeill in Davao, The Philippines

They came to kill her children one by one. First was Richard in 2001, then his brother Christopher. Bobby was taken from her the following year, and Fernando in 2007. Now Clarita Alia lives in fear that Arnold, her remaining son, is next. And far from protecting her shattered family, it is the police who […]


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